Directing error with overlays


@overlay BRICK WALL AND WINDOW create
&overlay BRICK WALL AND WINDOW moves to layer 10
@overlay BRICK WALL AND WINDOW opacity 1

This is literally all I’ve put to start my chapter, just so I can position the overlay first. But it keeps saying ‘specify one of these ‘shifts to’, ‘scales to’, ‘opacity’, ‘rotates’, ‘to layer’ for your overlay animation’. Is this just a stupid glitch or something? Because I’ve done everything I can to get it to go away but it keeps popping up in the warnings.

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This sounds like it would be some sort of glitch. This has never happened to me before.


Yeah, it’s weird. I’ll just try and remake the overlay again and maybe use a different name.

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Pretty sure this is a glitch. I put this same script in my story but replaced the overlay with my own, and it worked perfectly fine.

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Maybe try changing “moves to” to just “to”? It should work with your current script as well, but maybe that could trick the code into accepting it?

Good idea!

You can’t have the word “and” in your overlay’s name. That’s why you’re having this issue. :slightly_smiling_face: Change the name and it’ll work.

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Yeah that’s what I ended up doing, and it worked. But I never knew you couldn’t include AND so ty for telling me :slight_smile:

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no problem. :slightly_smiling_face:
The explanation behind that is it basically picks it up as part of coding such as Character walks to here “and” character faces right.

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