Directing error!

I keep getting a directing error and I can’t fix it!
I need Becca to enter the room to open the door and move her back center so Edward can come in and maintain by the door.

Error: unexpected sequence: you can not use a director command starting with (@) here.


sound doorbell

@BECCA enters right to screen left

    BECCA (pickup_object_neutral)

@BECCA walk to screen center

    BECCA (talk_exclaim_no_worried)
    Hi Edward.
    How what do you want to talk to about?

@BECCA enters from right to screen left

@BECCA is pickup_object_neutral

@BECCA walks to screen center

Thank you so much. I am starting to get the hard part of zones and x, y z, and S and I am here all confused.

No problem :blush:
Yeah, we’ve all been there :smirk:

And if you need help in the future, we are here to help :grin: :blush: