Directing god, anyone?

Does anyone know how CC with tappable overlays works?

yeah I do you need a lot of overlays for this first

It’s doable but you will need a lot of overlays and a lot of coding

@MdSava has tutorials on her Instagram.
Click here if you want to see.

and tbh because of this, I wouldn’t use it. Yeah, it looks amazing when it’s done and it’s really fun, but is it really worth so much time, sweat and maybe tears? (because coding can be a … you know ) I personally never really care if someone has a tappable CC or a normal one from Dara.Amarie. The choice is still yours though

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You need over 100 overlays to do that and a ton of ambition and time. I’d say you go with one of the templates Dara.Amarie has. They’re free and take a minute to paste into the script. But if you really want one with tappables who am I to stop you? :woman_shrugging:

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I think you need to support her on Patreon to get the template and overlays

That’s only for early access.

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Oof! They take forever to create. Making the overlays took me forever to edit, and then creating the coding took me even longer. I’m currently creating a new version of my tappable CC template and it’s driving me insane lol

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For early access to her Youtube videos. The templates are for her Patrons only.

The OP is how to make one or how it works. Mary has a video on it. I watched it for free.

Yeah but she doesn’t explain how to make the template, does she?

Yes. This the video.

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I meant the template itself. She just tells you to download it from her Patreon

It’s a pain, not recommended, i would just stick with a normal template, seriously it takes days and you might cry a few times. Be prepared to have a water bottle with you :joy:


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