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If anyone ever needs any help with figuring out directing code (overlays, animations and actions, spots, gains, text effects, goto, label, transitions, sound and music, points, filters and weather, choices, outfit changes, customization, redo, zooms and focus, text bubbles and text bubble movement, remembering choices, pan, follow, character change, if statements), feel free to reply to this thread or message me privately. I can help with script errors and questions. It may help to screenshot or paste your problem code. No question is stupid, so don’t be afraid to ask. Every Episode director started somewhere.

Fast response time. If I don’t answer or acknowledge your question after 24 hours, tag me again.

Disclaimer: I do have a bit of a programming/coding background and I have written several stories and shorts on Episode. I do not claim to be an expert coder/director. I don’t know everything, but I would say I probably know close to most of it. I will do my best to help answer your question or at least point you in the right direction.

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Hi! How do you make a car ride in a scene ( overlay) ?

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First you’ll need to use a looping background, such as the EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD CAR LOOP - DAY. If you click on the background catalog on the side of the script, you can click on it then search for loop or car to see the others. The car loops will say CAR LOOP.
Here is a super basic example from one of my stories:
@YOU stands screen left and NICHOLE stands screen right and OLIVIA stands screen center
@YOU faces right and NICHOLE faces right and OLIVIA faces right
@transition fade in black 2.0
YOU (talk_exhausted)
I’m so bored!

You could also use another looping background and add a car overlay to it.
EXT. CITY HIGHWAY LOOP - NIGHT with CAR SIDE PINK (you’ll probably have to move it to where you want it with the overlay helper)

If you want a car to move just a few feet in a still background, you just move the overlay and the character(s) from the original spot to the new spot.
EXT. ABBEY GARDEN - DAY with CAR SIDE PINK to 1.000 100 100 in zone 1 at layer 1
@YOU is spot 50 100 in zone 1 at layer 0
&overlay CAR SIDE PINK shifts to 250 100 in 5 #The 5 is how long the shift will take.
@YOU walks to spot 200 100 in 5 and YOU is idle #Adding the idle or a similar action will have the character just slide instead of the default walk.
#These were just made up numbers; you’ll need to find your actual start and stop points using the overlay and spot directors.
You can allow the characters to talk in this example still while the overlay is moving by changing up the last line a bit like this:
&YOU walks to spot 200 100 in 5
YOU (talk_neutral)
Its a nice day out.
@YOU is idle


Could you help me with outfit changes?
Example: My character is choosing what to wear, there are a few options and the reader chooses one specific option, how do i code this?

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I was about to ask that as well!

@Jelly_Pringlez and @MissCherish,

So the trick is you need 2 choice functions and a label:

#Start with a label. You will need this to restart the dressing game. Make sure you haven’t used this label before.
label dress_for_day_1
Now you will start your first choice function.
YOU (talk_neutral)
What should I wear today?
choice #Day_1_outfit
“Hipster in Shorts”{
@YOU exits right
@YOU changes into Blue Hipster Shorts
@YOU enters from right to screen center
@pause for a beat
YOU (selfie)
(This is so hip!)
@pause for 0.5
gain wore_yellow_1
#In this version, the character exits and comes back in the new outfit.
“Dreaming Berets”{
@YOU changes into Cream Beret
@pause for a beat
YOU (selfie)
(I look amazing in this!)
#In this version, the outfit just pops on. (Not the best looking option.)
@pause for 0.5
gain wore_cream_1
“Suspending in Pink”{
@YOU is dustoff_loop
@YOU changes into Pink Suspenders
@pause for a beat
YOU (selfie)
(I look awesome in this!)
@pause for 0.5
gain wore_pink_1
#In this version, the character is doing an action while the outfit changes.
Your choice will automatically bring you down to here, your second choice function. Here your reader says yes or no to the outfit.
YOU (think)
(Is this what I want to wear today?)
choice #wear_this_1
“Yes” {
YOU (strike_a_pose)
(This looks amazing!)
#Since we are not telling it to go anywhere, the story will just continue on after this line.
YOU (think)
(Maybe I should try something else.)
redo dress_for_day_1
#redo or goto will bring you back to the label following it (so the start of dressing in this case).
YOU (talk_happy_agree)
Now to get to work.

I included gains so that I can call-back past choices if I want to, but they are not necessary.


Thank you! Also, do you know how to add bruises as an overlay?

hey, i hope you can help!

can i make a character appear in a zone whilst doing an action?
–> this needs a little more explaining. theres a background with 3 zones, and the third zone shows a little bit of a couch/sofa that someone is laying on (the rest of the couch is in zone 2). how do i make that someone appear in zone 2 laying down whilst the camera being at zone 3 and then pans to zone 2. the problem with this is when i pan to zone 2, he just appears like magic as soon as the camera hits him.

thank you for helping :grin:

Thanks! Looks complicated though

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I agree, I gave up Episode in frustration last year but it’s worth another shot!


So you’ll need to start-off by downloading a bruise PNG from somewhere (either another Episode author’s drive or Google).

Once you have the PNG you can add it like any other overlay. You can start the overlay in the scene by attaching it to the overlay. You’ll need to use the overlay spot helper to move and size the overlay exactly how you want it.

Here is an example:
EXT. ALLEY VD - DAY with BRUISE to 0.500 100 78
@YOU stands screen center
YOU (talk_exhausted)
Man that hurt.

If you want it to appear later in the script, adjust the opacity and size so you can’t see it. To remove the overlay use @remove overlay OVERLAY .

You can possibly add a overlay mid-scene using the command series:
&overlay OVERLAY create
&overlay OVERLAY shifts 100 100 in 0
@overlay OVERLAY scales to 0.500 0.500 in 0
But apparently it doesn’t always work right.

Also, Cade bruise is a face shape for boys you can use. You can change the face shape with the command: @CHARACTER changes face into Cade Bruised .


Thank you so much :heart:

It is a bit complicated at first, but you get used to real fast. You can also always copy and paste the same code and just switch out the outfits for each chapter.

Coding really is not my thing.

Sounds like a nice idea to me

It takes time to learn, but I’m sure if you practice a bit it will get easier day by day :slight_smile:

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So here is the solution to what I think you are asking. Your going to want to employ & and spot directing. Attach your camera where you want it to the background. Use the & symbol to have the character in the scene when the scene begins.

INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with CAMERA to 1.000 100 150 in zone 3 at layer 1
&CHARACTER spot 1.089 100 200 in zone 2 at layer 0 and CHARACTER is lay_awake_loop &CHARACTER faces left
@pan to 2

#I used layers to make sure that the camera is in the front of the screen. The layers are -2 to 2 with -2 being furthest into the screen and 2 being the closest to the reader.

The numbers I used are not correct for the positions, they are just for guidance.

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I’m trying to get like 11 lines of code down but it keeps telling this line in yellow isn’t a real command. I thought I could at least take a break but no, Episode is telling me RIGHT NOW that I have to fix something I don’t understand WHY

How can I fix this?


You need to tell it who to spot and who is facing what direction.
@UNKNOWN spot 0.840 210 215 and UNKNOWN faces right

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Um, i don’t really understand co-ordinates…? Like, when you are getting your character to stand in a specific spot…