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Hey, I need some help with the layers.


I made a post explaining layers not too long ago:

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How do i move an overlay to another zone?


Here’s a guide on animating overlays made by the amazing @Dara.Amarie:

A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS


Yeah, I already saw that but it isn’t working.
I have this and when I preview it CHAR1 is in front of CHAR2:
@CHAR1 walks to screen left AND CHAR1 faces right
&CHAR1 moves to layer 1
@CHAR2 spot 1.280 72 3 AND CHAR2 faces left
&CHAR2 moves to layer 2


I’ve been trying this for a few days now and it hasn’t changed😭


@CHAR1 walks to screen left AND CHAR1 faces right
&CHAR1 moves to layer 1
@CHAR2 spot 1.280 72 3 in zone # at layer 2 AND CHAR2 faces left


It worked, thank you sooo much!!



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Hi there! I was just wondering, how do you create title sequences that include animations? Also, Tattoos?



I am not sure what you mean by “title sequences that include animations”. Can you explain that to me further?

As for tattoos, there is currently one tattoo available for males in INK. There are no tattoos for INK females or CLASSIC and LIMELIGHT of either gender.
To use the tattoos for males in INK, you add the tattoo to the character’s outfit since the tattoo is consider a clothing item.



Thank you! Never mind about the title sequence, that isn’t important.
I’ve been having issues with a character running from zone 1 to zone 2 to a certain spot and having the screen follow the character while she is running

@PERSON1 enters from left to screen left AND PERSON1 faces right AND PERSON1 is run_casual

@follow PERSON1 to spot 0.785 53 204 in zone 2

but it hasn’t been working. Please help



You cannot follow a character to a spot, only a position (ie. screen center). You will need to pan to the zone at a similar rate to which the character is walking.

&CHARACTER walks to spot in zone 2 in 4 and CHARACTER does it while run_casual
@pan to zone 2 in 3


Thanks for the clear up! I’m sorry to keep bothering you like this but everytime I try to make charcters run, they stop somewhat during the middle and just hover:

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER is run_casual



Try maybe using,
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER does it while run_casual

It could also be just a previewer glitch because of something you have prior to this scene.


They kind of just slide without any running movement