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Thanks. What do you suggest I do in the meantime?


Since your code is right, there is nothing you really can do to stop the glitch right now.
You could wait to publish the story/chapter or simply warn your readers that the clothing may disappear while you wait for Episode to help.

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Hello! I don’t really have any pictures for this but I have noticed that some stories have choices without speechbubbles? They’re usually placed at the bottom but I think that that can be changed. There are examples of stories such as ‘H & V: Annabelle’ where the beginning and the end have this choice buttons

Thank you!


What you will need to do is set up the choice like normal, then move the speech bubble before the choice off screen to the side. You can do this using the speech bubble helper.

Sorry if this has been asked, but how do you make a choice matter?
Like Jasmin has the option to kiss Daniel or not.
If she kisses Daniel, Jose will be mad about it later or make a rude comment.

& what if I want this to choice to carry on to another chapter? I just wanna know how to program it in case I do decide to carry this choice out to another chapter.

And is there a way to remove a certain part of an outfit even when the reader has decided to wear it?
For example, I made an outfitgame/template with 3 choices but they all have sunshades.
I want to remove the sunshades, but keep the outfit the reader chosed.I just wanna remove the sunshades accessory.
Is there a coding for this or do I have to create 3 extra outfits again and code them without the sunshades&make the reader choose again?


To remember choices, you can use gains. To recall gains, use an if statement.

Here is more about the if statement from Dara Amarie.

You can also use points to remember how a character feels about another character. Here is more on the points system by Dara Amarie.

Gains and points will carry through to other chapters, though the web previewer will not remember them. Just use an if statement to recall the gain.

There is no way to just remove a piece of clothing. You’ll have to make another identical outfit that is just missing that piece. You can use a gain for the outfit and an if statement to put the character in the correct mstching outfit.

This is just the basics. If you need more help with any of these, let me know.

How will I do the gains for an outfit?Could you explain it to me,please.


The 1st link I added from Dara explains it, but if it is still unclear I can explain a little later tonight.

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Thanks I’ll check it out & experiment, I’ll let you know if I have more troubles.

@Purple_Ghost Thank you so much for your help!

Hey! How do I make an overlay shift but in a certain amount of time. So instead of appearing out of the blue, it moves into its spot.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME shift to X Y in T

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One more thing, what am I doing wrong here? It says unexpected character.

Before we start, please take a moment to customize Ally.

@ALLY enters from left to screen center
label allycustomization

This is Ally. Do you want to customize her, or leave her as she is.

choice “I want to customize her!” {

Are you sure? This is your only chance.

choice “Yes. I want to customize her.” {


@ALLY goes to character avatar

} “No, take me back” {
goto allycustomization
“No! I like her the way she is.” {

Are you sure? This is your only chance.

choice “Yes. I want her to stay the same.”


} “No, take me back” {
goto allycustomization
@ALLY stands screen center

Hi Purple!

Ok, so I have another question/need some help.

I am using the background - INT. ANGIE BED RED - NIGHT

And I am trying to get my character to lie on the bed…

@NOL stands screen center AND NOL is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop

I was going to spot him sleeping on the bed, but he is facing the wrong way! I don’t know how to flip him to where his head is on the pillow. Is there a way I can do this??

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

P.S. Oh yeah!! And I’m writing in Limelight, in case that helps…

You can’t flip him because that animation is only meant to face that direction. Try using another animation, or making him sleep backwards.

Hmm… I see. Ok, interesting. I will try finding another animation… Thanks!!


The choice needs to be on the line directly above the the first choice option. You have them on the same line.

You are also missing an open bracket ({) for your last yes choice.


If he is sleeping the wrong direction, as in his head is on right side of the bed and you want it on the left, just tell the character which direction to face.

@NOL stands screen center and NOL is idle_lay_groogy_eyesclosed_loop and NOL faces right

If he is face up and you want him to be face down, you can do this by inverting him through spot directing. This would mean his scale is negative rather than the normal positive.

@NOL spot -1.280 100 100 and NOL is idle_lay_groogy_eyesclosed_loop and NOL faces right


How do you make a character walking to another zone with the screen following the charecter