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It works now, thank you. :grin:

How do you fade out music?


Use the command
volume music 0 2000
This will bring your music volume to 0 in 2 seconds (the time is measured in milliseconds so use intervals of 1000). Be sure to use something like
volume music 100 0
The next time you have music to turn the volume back on.

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thank you

How do you fade in a charecter


You’ll need to add an overlay of the background you are using to create the illusion that the character is fading in. This guide from Dara Amarie will explain fading characters better.

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I did look at that but I think she only did fading out characters not fading in


Start with the background overlays opacity at 1 and fade it down to 0 in the amount of time you want.

Thank you it worked

How do you bounce overlays


In the guides, if you go to the Placing and Animating Overlays tab step 7 (around page 6) has some different ‘programmed tricks’ to do with overlays such as
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to 100 150 in 2 using easebounceout
This will make it look like the overlay bounces a little.

Where it is.


You could also just manipulate the overlay by shifting it to higher and lower spots to make it look like it is bouncing.



Hey! I’m using the hidden prop lipstick in my script but It doesn’t appear on my screen I don’t know why.
Script example:
“Bubblegum Pink”{
@add Lipstick to LEAH
@LEAH is apply_lipstick
@LEAH changes mouthColor into Bubblegum Pink


Is it also not showing in the app? I know there are a few props rhat don’t like to appear.

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Mhm, I don’t know I can’t check that right now, but I’ll do later tysm! One more question I was also wondering about a little narrator speech bubble who appears in the upper screen

(I’m sorry if my explanation is bad) how do you do that? the speech bubble appears for maybe 10 seconds and then disappears. I couldn’t find a example but I’ll hope you understand.


That is a reader message or I have now been told it is actually called a toaster. :woman_shrugging:.

readerMessage Now say your message.

Do not put an @ or & sign before it.

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Thanks! (:

How do I fix this? ;(


Just as a precaution, copy and paste your script into a word document. Try reloading the script page. If that doesn’t work, close the tab and reopen it.

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Hey I am trying to do an outfit choice, but I can’t seem to manage. I’ve looked over the guides, but I haven’t had much luck; keep getting error messages. I also want to hold onto said outfit choice. Someone want to help out the clueless.