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&CHARACTER walks to spot 0.392 150 240 in 6 AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral_rear THEN CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is rear

Hi there, I’m very new. How to I make my character use animations?

Without dialogue:
@CHARACTER is animation

With dialogue:
CHARACTER (animation)

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I also need help with adding more than one person in a scene. Thank you for helping with animation!

How do I make someone stand on the left side of the room?

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Im such a noob, but how can I make the character face a specific direction.

Don’t worry we’all been there :smiley:

@CHARCTER faces left/right

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces left

Thx so much!

help please

you need a word choice on line 105

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thank you

I think that the error is that you don’t have anything that happens between the two brackets…

}“Question Him More”{

It have to be something between these two brackets.


oh I thought had to be brackets around the option name


}“Question Him More” {

What i know you only have to have brackets around the things that will happen if you pick a choice. (For example this sentence)


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Thank you!

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Hi @Purple_Ghost I’m in dire need of your help. You see, I have this scene where my mc is playing the piano but suddenly, she is interrupted by her mother applause, so she reacts surprised, this is the code I use so far:

but when she does the react animation, this happens: how can I fix it? I want to catch the reaction on her face, but i don’t know how :sob: please help.

I know you wanted Purple Ghost’s help, but i hope i can help you too!
Maybe you can try to code in a spot (a spot so you can see her face) with the animation, like this:

@DIASPHORA spot x y in zone # AND DIASPHORA is react_startled_subtle

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I still have a few bugs but I don’t know what to do?

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