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how do I zoom out while a character is standing up?

basically my character is sitting and then she stands up while it zooms out

&zoom reset


No problem! :relaxed:

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I’ve seen in a few stories where you can see an outfit on a mannequin and press on it to put it on. How do you do that?

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Thank you!

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I’ve not been super active on the Forums, so since I’m not on very often I suggest hopping over to Apes thread for amazing help. :purple_heart:

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Thank you @Purple_Ghost :purple_heart: but we miss you here! :smile:

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Uh hi i’m kinda confused using the writers portal, I don’t know if im just stupid or what but everytime when i’m done previewing, everything just goes black. Is that how its suposed to work or…? it’s really bugging me.

Is it your whole computer screen or is it just the previewer screen, because either way it shouldn’t do that??

Its just the preview screen.

Nevermind, fixed it lmao it was the “INT. BLACK - NIGHT
To be continued…” code at the bottom, thanks for caring though lol

hey I’m having trouble with my story
You see I have a problem with choices and this is the best way I can explain it:
YOU have 2 choices

  • let someone lead you to class
  • don’t let someone lead me to class
    If you choose don’t let someone lead me to class I want to make it possible that you become late and being called late but I don’t know how to make that work that my choices effect the story
    I already looked at the guides and I don’t get it :rofl::crazy_face:
    In short I don’t know how to branch on past choices
    (Please tell me if you don’t get it. I can have that effect when I talk or type)

“Let someone lead you to class” {
gain go_with

} “Go by yourself”{
gain go_alone


later if you want to bring this choice up:

if (go_with) {
#1st choice 
} else {
#2nd choice 
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Can someone help with a scene? I want the girl to be closing up her gym while she walks through the streets to get home she noticed that a shadow is following her. She sees a vampire he ends up biting her then she faints.

music off
@zoom reset
music music_jungleneutral
@cut to zone 2
@CHARACTER1 enters from right to spot 0.851 278 330
@CHARACTER1 faces right AND CHARACTER1 is search_neutral
@CHARACTER1 faces left AND CHARACTER1 is search_neutral
@pause for a beat
@CHARACTER1 walks to spot 1.003 60 100
@CHARACTER1 is think_rubchin
@CHARACTER1 exits left AND CHARACTER1 is walk_neutral

@zoom on 551 0 to 374% in 0
@CHARACTER2 enters from right to spot 1.173 210 111
@pause for 3
@CHARACTER2 exits left AND CHARACTER2 is walk_neutral
@pause for 2
@transition fade out black
@pause for a beat
@cut to zone 2
@zoom reset
@CHARACTER1 enters from right to spot 1.053 76 107 AND CHARACTER1 is walk_scared_loop
@zoom on 344 373 to 300% in 0
sound quiet_footsteps
@CHARACTER1 is think_rubchin
@pause for 2
@CHARACTER1 faces right
@CHARACTER1 is idle_awkward_scratch_loop
I felt the tips of my fingers grow cold… I hugged my arms as I heard the footsteps grow closer…
In the darkness a dark figure walked out of the blanket of darkness and slowly started walking towards me.
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 640 0 to 268% in 0
@CHARACTER2 enters from right to spot 1.047 268 118 AND CHARACTER2 is walk_neutral
@zoom on CHARACTER1 to 400% in 0

    CHARACTER1 (talk_afraid)
Who are you?! Stop following me!!

@zoom on 640 0 to 268% in 0

@zoom on 640 401 to 269% in 5

    CHARACTER2 (talk_flirt_charming)
You wanna know what I want?
I can show you..

@CHARACTER2 is flirt_wink_happy
music music_gravestrings
@CHARACTER2 changes eyesColor into Red
@pause for a beat
@zoom on CHARACTER1 to 400% in 0
@CHARACTER1 is react_shocked_gasp
CHARACTER1 (talk_afraid)
What are you and what do you want from me??!!
@zoom on CHARACTER2 to 400% in 1
@CHARACTER2 walks to spot 1.047 193 116
@zoom reset
@CHARACTER1 is stepback_scared_loop AND CHARACTER2 walks to spot 1.129 159 91
@zoom on CHARACTER2 to 400% in 0
@CHARACTER2 moves to layer 1
@CHARACTER1 moves to layer 0
@CHARACTER1 is idle_awkward_scratch_loop
CHARACTER2 (talk_flirt_charming)
This is going to be fun…
@zoom reset
@CHARACTER1 is react_scream_horror AND CHARACTER2 walks to spot 1.129 128 102
&CHARACTER2 is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND CHARACTER2 faces right
sound scream_female
@CHARACTER1 is faint
@zoom on CHARACTER2 to 400% in 0
@CHARACTER2 is idle_happy_loop
@CHARACTER1 spot 1.053 -53 122
@zoom on 634 0 to 393% in 2
I’m having coding issues though. Character 1 is the girl and character 2 is the vampire.

Hi dear,
I’ve already written episode 6
But i’m trying to re-do the appearance of a character from the beginning but it stays the same
What to do ?

Whats the vomit action called? It’s not showing up