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Get rid of the word in before the 2.

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When using a pre made filter how do I control the “timer” for it? When I added a pre made filter in my story it slowly fades in but I want it to appear instantly. Thanks for your help in advance!


You are referring to a filter like the black and white one, correct? I use an & symbol and place the filter directly below and a fade in normally. I don’t know that you can time filters at all.

&zoom reset
EXT. CAMPUS GARDEN - DAY with BEE to 0.500 1000 255
&set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%
@transition fade in black 2

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If you don’t specify an outfit, does the character automatically wear their default outfit, or will they wear the last outfit they were changed into? For example, if in the scene before I said:

@LIN stands screen left
@LIN changes into FEMALE_casaul

LIN (talk_happy)
What a nice day

@LIN stands screen left
@LIN is yawn_bored

LIN (talk_happy)
Time for bed!

Will Lin stay in the “FEMALE_casual” outfit for the bedroom scene, or will she automatically go back to her default outfit since I didn’t specify the outfit.


The character will stay in whatever the last outfit you changed them into was. So in this case Lin would continue wearing FEMALE_casual in the bedroom scene.

if it’s the first time the character appears in the story, you don’t have to specify and it will automatically go to the default right?


Yes. If the character has never been in the story at all before, they will be wearing whatever their default outfit is.
Outfit choices will however carry over to the next chapter. So if you did not change Lin’s outfit again for the remainder of the chapter, in the next chapter she would start off wearing FEMALE_casual until you change the outfit.

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Ok thank you!!!

How do you make the tab pop up. In some stories it’s used to say “Brent will remember this” and stuff like that. Do you know what I’m talking about? I want it to pop up and say “two hours later”. How do I do that?


That is a reader message. You do not put any symbols before it.

readerMessage Two Hours Later


THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are officially my favorite help thread.

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Can you help me on the kissing, hugging, and dancing?


To do any of those you will need to spot direct the characters close enough together so that the action will look correct.
One character will need to be doing the rear version of the animation. You will want this character in the furthest forward layer.
The other character will do the normal version of the animation. You will want them in a further back layer.
Both characters will need to face the same direction.

&AUTHOR spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1 at layer -2 and AUTHOR faces right and AUTHOR is hug
&LUCAS spot 1.280 185 -3 in zone 1 at layer 2 and LUCAS faces right and LUCAS is hug_rear
Not the best looking hug, but it’s just an example.

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I’m currently writing and I want my characters to appear as though they’re sitting in a seat. The only problem is that the chairs are too low so it looks like my characters are standing (I’m using the INT. THEATER AUDIENCE - NIGHT background). Is there a way that I can either move my characters lower so they look like they’re sitting or cut the camera to a different zone that makes them appear to be sitting?


^^^ this is an example


Like EpisodeAfra suggested, what you’ll need to do is spot direct the characters so that they are lower on the screen and possibly a little smaller.
You can do this using the Spot Helper found when you click on the Directing Helper.

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How do you make a character enter and walk to a certain spot without them stopping


If you want them to enter to a spot, the easiest way to do it is to start the character in a spot position off screen.

&CHARACTER spot 1.280 -200 100 in zone 1 at layer -2
@transition fade in black 2
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 200 100 in 4 #4 is the time it will take to walk to the spot.

thank you and how do you make a character talk in there head

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