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Why are you having the goto out of that ending bracket have it inside the bracket…


nope still says there is a error

And why are you writing choice two times wouldn’t it should only be there for a single time??

Because I wanted to make it a dressing game

You are adding the word choice in the wrong line…

Wdym where should it go then

| bold , animation:flash |What should I wear?

choice “Glistening Dark” {

@TABATHA starts primp

@TABATHA previews outfit Glistening Dark

“Pink Overload” {

@TABATHA starts primp

@TABTHA previews outfit Pink Overload

So, do you want to wear this??

“Love it” {

TABATHA (talk_primp)
Yup this will do…
} “No not this” {
TABATHA (talk_disappointed)
No, not a chance.
goto continue_story

Try this…


So it kinda works but if i press not a chance it does not go back

It has a goto so you have to add that label continue_story (or was it something else) to your script after that narrator dialogue what hould I wear…


anyone know how to make someone be behind the bar in the INT. BAR - DAY background?

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You have to layer the overlay and the character accordingly for that…


You’ll first need to find and add a bar overlay since that background does not have an overlay attached to it. Then you can put the character at a lower layer than the overlay.

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Thank you very much!

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I’m trying to send in a ticket about a glitch on episode- anyone know what support ID is?


In the app if you go to settings and scroll down to about the middle of the list of stuff, you’ll see a place called support ticket.

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Anyone know how to just turn off the DIM overlay I want to make the lights turn on

Switch the background to one without an overlay

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