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ok thank you


You can also just remove the DIM overlay.
@overlay OVERLAY clear

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Thank you sm :grin:

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Why I didn’t think of that :thinking: :no_mouth:

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How do I delete an episode? Not the whole story, but a separate episode. I accidentally clicked on new episode and I don’t want my readers to waste a pass

I don’t think you can delete it…

Clicking on “new episode” does not make it availible to the readers. You have to publish or update your story for any changes to be public.

Please, can someone tell me how can I make a charecter sit in the back row in INT. MOVIESEATS- NIGHT.

I don’t know how to add an overlay of seats so that my charecter could naturally sit in the back row. What commands should I use?


You’ll need to start by adding a theater seat overlay to your portal. You can then attach the seat overlay to your background. You’ll want to put the seat in a further toward layer than the character.
Once you have your overlay and background you can spot direct your character smaller and further up in the scene.

Example (These are not real position numbers.):
INT. MOVIESEATS - NIGHT with SEATS to 1.000 100 200 in zone 1 at layer 2
@CHARACTER spot 0.850 100 250 in zone 1 at layer 0

Huge thanks!

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Hey, I was just wondering how to make messages from phones like a character who opens a message and it shows on the screen.So the reader can read the message. Can you give me a script example?


Do you mean like realistic messages where it looks like a actual phone text conversation? That is normally done by using screenshots turned into backgrounds.

If you mean the having speech bubbles show on a phone screen, either use a selfie phone overlay or a phone background. From there you can either let the bubbles appear at their default location or spot direct the speech bubbles by using the speechbubble helper in the Directing Helper. To have the reader choose to open or send a message, you can use a choice to create the appearance of the user doing the action.


You Have One New Message
“Open New Message”{
Hurry up! I’m Starving to death!


Whelp, I’m looking for a certain wardrobe background like all the other writers use but I can’t seem to find it… :frowning:


Can you give me a bit of detail on what the background looks like (since their are several wardrobe backgrounds I know of)? Or (even better) do you have a screen shot of it?

This is the closet Episode has.

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YES! That’s the one I meant, you’re amazing thanks!

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What is the sound effect that shows a person died in the hospital? A heart beat flat line maybe?

I don’t think there’s a flatline but there is a int_hospitalroom that depicts multiple life support machines.

Oh okay, thank you

Okay if someone can figure out what is going on with this you will literally be my new best friend lol

@add Baseball Bat to LILLIAN

The baseball bat is never shown on my iPad when I play the script. I thought getting the update would fix it but it didn’t. I sent in a ticket and got no response. Pls help!

Here’s part of it- thank you!


@LILLIAN spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 2 AND LILLIAN is dance_slow_rear AND KEEL spot 1.280 -100 0

    LILLIAN (sing_loop_rear)
Boy you got my heartbeat running away-

&KEEL walks to spot 1.280 50 0
KEEL (walk_neutral)
(What’s that God awful noise?)

    LILLIAN (sing_loop_rear)

    KEEL (talk_call_out)
Hey crazy-

music music_attitudepop

@KEEL is flirt_shy

&cut to zone 2 AND LILLIAN is shocked AND LILLIAN faces left AND LILLIAN spot 1.107 142 50 in zone 2

@pause for a beat

&cut to zone 1

@pause for a beat

&cut to zone 2

    LILLIAN (talk_pound_chest)

&cut to zone 1

@LILLIAN spot 1.060 400 56
@LILLIAN walks to spot 1.060 232 56 AND LILLIAN is run_athletic

@add Baseball Bat to LILLIAN
&zoom on 124 119 to 292% in 0
sound clang
@LILLIAN is talk_pound_chest AND KEEL is shocked
sound off

&zoom reset
@LILLIAN is idle_hold_baseballbat AND KEEL is talk_repulsed

    KEEL (talk_angry)
What the heck, Lili?

    LILLIAN (talk_angry)
Get out!

    KEEL (talk_flirt)
Aw come on you can't expect me to get out when you're wearing that.

sound clang
&zoom on 124 119 to 292% in 0
@LILLIAN is talk_pound_chest AND KEEL is shocked
sound off