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yes i am :slight_smile: yeah I have no idea what’s going on


That is the correct code to add the baseball bat prop. The baseball bat is not appearing for me on the web previewer or the app, and I know I’ve had issues with other props not appearing in the past as well (such as the coffee cup). Unfortunately, I don’t know a fix for this. Hopefully they will respond to your ticket soon.

Is there a baby crying sound?


Yes, it is baby_crying.

Thank you anyways!

Hey, I want the reader to choose the character’s hairstyle, like a dressing game except with hairstyles, but I can’t seem to get it to work…


Can you post a screen shot if the script and tell me what it’s doing wrong?

Or you can go to @Apes and she has a template for a hair and makeup change. Make sure you credit her if you use it.

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Will do just a sec.

Because you’ve removed the choice at line 1536, you’re left with a character talk, but without any dialouge. You’re also missing a closing bracket } for Messy Back Bun


Okay, thanks for helping me out. :heartbeat:

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You can fix it up in two ways

  1. Put in the right bracket as well as remove the change alternitive under the hair_5 label. Because you don’t really need it anymore.


  1. close the hair_5 label after messy back bun, and put the keep or change choice under it’s own label and choice. As well as changing the gotos to that label.

label hair_choice
LEAH (think)
Is this teh hairstyle that I want?
"Yaaas slaying"{
continue with storyline
"Nahh I want to change"{
goto hair_5 <—going back to the hairstyles under label hair_5


Ooo okay tysm!

Happy to help. :smile:


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Help please?

Trying to get a driving scence and overlay scene!

Also trying to get my character to sit in the chair across my the chair where the desk chair is!



Can you explain to me a little more what you are trying to do in your script?
As far as the driving scene goes, @APES HOW TO: Drive into / Drive Off the scene with Character inside guide helps with car scenes.
For the overlay scene, I’m not sure what the background looks like, but you don’t have any overlays in that scene that I can see.

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I used apes guide for the car and it doesn’t work right! The background is the INT. music agent desk-day from the background catalog!


For the overlay to have layer and spot direct your characters. You will also need to add this to your script for the background:
If you put a character at layer -1, they will be behind the desk. If you put them at layer 1, they will be in front of the desk.
If you want to layer them behind the chairs, I think you will need to make an overlay of them since they are part of the background. Or you could just zoom in so that it doesn’t matter that the character is standing in front of the chair.

For the car, what are you trying to make it do and what is it currently doing?

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Do a driving scence!

There’s no need for exclamation mark and if you read carefully you’ll know what exactly is wrong with your code, you used shift command twice and character is moving once. The guide is to help you some codes like this ones needs patience to understand and practice.