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How do zooms…How do you do a zoom that starts at the feet and slowly goes up to there head???



@zoom on x y to % in #

x = x-axis/ side to side
y = y-axis/ up and down
% = how zoomed in
‘#’ = amount of time in seconds

For the zoom keep the same % and x-axis number. Change the y-axis number from a lower to higher number (you’ll have to play with the zoom helper to get the exact numbers).

@zoom on 100 50 to 200% in 0 <- This is where your zoom will start.
@zoom on 100 250 to 200% in 3 <- This is where your zoom will end in 3 seconds.


thank you


Hey, I need to know if it’s possible to control/override which of my characters is in front of the other. I have a character lying on a bed in the background and she appears to be in front of the other character (who is doing a standing animation and is supposed to be in front of the girl laying down) is there a way to fix this without having to dramatically move my standing character? It just looks awkward :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Yes you can. All you’ll need to do is change the layer the character is in. Once way to do this is to add:
&CHARACTER moves to layer #
The lower the number, the further into the screen the character is (ie. 1 is behind 2).


Thank you so much!


Hello, can you please help how can I create a speech bubble like when you use such code:

    How can people be so sure about their future?

But to use your character’s name instead, but without character appearing on the screen?. I need it to look like this:




Thank you very much!


Hi, do you know how to do the speech-bubble that comes down at the top of the screen and stays there for a sec then goes back up???


And I need help filling a 2 pan room…if you could help me with that



That is a reader message or toaster. Use the command:

readerMessage Type your sentence.



Can you be a little more specific? I’m not 100% sure what you are asking for.


Nevermind about the second one…But thanks


Bumping back into existence, lol.


Hi, does anyone know how to make your characters sing like they do in pitch perfect deep treble?



A lot of the singing and dancing animations used in Pitch Perfect are feature exclusive animations. You can view all of the ones available to all users in the Animations section of the Art Catalog by typing sing into the search bar.


Thanks, but I was wondering if we can make characters sing like with sound



No, you can’t make them sing with sound like in Pitch Perfect since you can not add your own sound pieces to Episode.


Oh okay, thank you.