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yeah she’s layer 4



Try adding and ROSE moves to layer 4 again to the same line that moves Eric to layer 3.


It’s still doing it



Try updating the script. If that doesn’t work, try moving Eric to a lower layer (like -1). And if neither of those things work you can pm me (or post here) more of your script and I can see if something is interfering with the layer somehow.


Thanks @Purple_Ghost moving Eric to layer 2 worked


@Purple_Ghost how do you make a character do an action In a scene and then the scene changes and the character does not move?



To stop the character’s animation in the next scene, start the scene with another animation.

&CHARACTER is idle


It worked. Thank you @Purple_Ghost


I’ve been reading a few stories where the author makes the character open and close their eyes. I probably make zero sense but I’m wondering how they do it. Like in Fine Line where Violet winked towards the camera. How do I do this. If it’s made with overlays what overlay do I upload and how do I use it?



Yes, they use overlays to do it. You basically have to pose your character in the animation you want on a white background, then screen shot it. You can then erase the background and save the character as a png. The png of the character can then be uploaded to your overlay catalog.

You may have to do some editing of the character to get the pose you want.


Hi how do you make a ghost looking character ?
I’ve been trying to figure it out. Can you help me?



It’s the same idea as fading characters. You’ll need to make an overlay of the background and add it to your account. You can then use it like an overlay and reduce the opacity to a number less than 1. Place the “ghost” character at a lower layer than the overlay to create the effect.


I’m going to try lol thank you


Hello, Purple_Ghost!

I know a few ways that I can follow my character; however, I wanted to learn how to use the @follow character command. I’ve seen it a few times, but I don’t know how to use it. May you teach me?


Oh thank you, haha! I’m so sorry I never read this but I did manage to figure this out on my own and I am still in the process of constructing a story I am super proud of! Thank you again!

Love you!
-Hailey :heart: