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Okay question. On Episode in the web viewer my character has blonde hair ---- in the app she has brown. I have not indicated anywhere about any color of hair. How do I change it so that the app reflects blonde?

I don’t have a customization because I need to be able to customize my MC, her twin sister, and the twin sisters son. I know there is a way of doing a template like that but it’s far to advance for me.

Can you help with the hair color though?

One more question.

If you have a character at a certain spot because you are trying to have them look like a kid and you want them to walk off the screen, how do you keep them at the same spot so they are growing in size as they are exiting?


First question:
In the character creator, does your character have blonde hair selected?

Second question:
You’ll need to walk the character to a spot somewhere off screen. You won’t be able to use the exit command if you want them to stay the same size.

Yes, blonde is selected.

Can you do a go to spot on a blank zone? Im already in zone 3, I just want to have him walk off. So I could use the same spot that I have for zone 3 and just do it with zone 4?


If you didn’t use any commands in the script to change the hair color, I’m not sure why the color would be different.

Yes, you can walk into a blank zone. I tend just to add one or two hundred onto my x-spot to get the character off screen (depending on where they are starting).

@Purple_Ghost Can i get help really fast?

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I need help @Purple_Ghost how do i get her to walk to the room she chosed before?


Below is just some random code I through together. What you have should work. Make sure your thing in quotes is the same as it was for the choice, and I would go ahead and change the last elif to just else.

Random Example Code:



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I’m trying to make my characters do scale rear but after they go to the spot there supposed to they just go idle here is my script:

&CHERRY walks to spot 0.554 279 247 in 4 AND CHERRY starts arms_crossed_angry AND CHERRY faces left THEN CHERRY starts arms_crossed_angry
&zoom on 576 219 to 114% in 4
&BRIGHT spot 1.280 -128 -66 AND BRIGHT starts rear AND BRIGHT faces left
@BRIGHT moves to layer 800
&overlay INT. PRISON - BARS opacity 1 in 4
&BRIGHT walks to spot 1.280 86 -64 in 4 AND BRIGHT starts rear AND BRIGHT faces left THEN BRIGHT starts rear AND BRIGHT faces left


@BRIGHT walks to spot 1.280 86 -64 in 4 AND BRIGHT does it while walk_rear AND BRIGHT faces left THEN BRIGHT starts rear AND BRIGHT faces left

Hi @Purple_Ghost!

I have just gotten my splashes for my story. But now I am confused as to how to insert them in my story? Is it like a background where I need to upload for approval first and then go from there? Help please!


Yes, they are exactly like a background. You’ll need to upload them to your catalog and then add them to your story like your other backgrounds.

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Ok thank you for responding! I understand it now! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Purple_Ghost! I really love your posts, they’re very helpful to me. I decided yesterday that I wanted make my own episode story. So far, I’ve been able to figure everything out from google and posts on the forums, but I’m struggling with a scene. So I have two problems:

  1. What is the difference between Ink props and LIMELIGHT props? Am I open to use all of them? I’m specifically trying to insert a scene where a character is reading. I can’t figure out how to use the book prop.

  2. I want to have an action where the character is sitting and reading, but is there no command for that? Will I have to stack a reading command on a sitting command?

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I’m really glad my posts help you! :purple_heart:

  1. So with props, you can only use the style of prop with its style of character. So LL props can only be used with LL characters, and INK props can only be used with INK characters.

  2. You can’t stack commands (at least in the way I think you mean), so you kind-of have 2 options. 1 is to just use the standing reading command and zoom in on the character so you can’t see their legs. The second thing you could possibly do is use a sitting command that gives the impression of reading and use a book overlay.

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Hi I was wondering if you know how to put actions with the choices for when a reader picks a food?

Thank you so much! This really clarifies things for me since I have no idea about the extent of abilities in the writing studio.

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I believe for what you are asking that you would just put the actions for that food choice within the choice.

If that didn’t really answer your question, can you rephrase it?