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Hey, I have another question! I changed my characters to Limelight and I’m doing pretty well! Now my problem is that the prop appears at the wrong time. I don’t have any direction for it before a certain point in a scene, but it’s there. What should I do to make it follow my direction?


At what part do you want the book to appear? And are you viewing it in app or on the web previewer?

I want the book to appear after she walks to the shelf (spot 1), then the open book to appear when she sits at the table (spot 2). I was using the web previewer. Should I not do that?


It doesn’t matter much which you view with, but the in app preview will look like what the reader will see. Occasionally the web previewer does weird things, so the app will be “more accurate”.

If the problem is the same in the app, how early or late is the prop appearing?

Prop list with how to use them.

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I checked in the app, and everything was working fine! Now I know not to use the web previewer haha. Thanks!

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Okay, I’m having a problem I really can’t figure out. Everything was working fine at first, but when I had some of the extras exit the scene, they grew bigger since I had them shrunken for the scene. Since I had the extras in zone 2, I simply solved this problem by having them walk to a point in zone 1 (offscreen) so that they would keep a constant size. It worked fine at first, but I’m not sure what I did- now the extras are HUGE in zone 1 when they are not directed to be there and one of my characters from zone 3 has moved to zone 1 as well.

This is where the characters are assigned besides the MC:

This is the part of the script where I think I did something wrong:


Make sure your scale stays the same, but if you just want to remove them you can just use &remove CHARACTER when they are off screen.
Also for the wrong zone thing, try adding the zone for where they are walking.

Did you try tabbing MALEEXTRA2 one more time and giving it an animation? If that line is not getting another animation, you can just remove that. The second line of dialogue will still be said by him.

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I specifically want my characters to walk off screen. In the the part of the script where I direct this, I did include the zone (sorry I didn’t include this snippet earlier). However, even though I have the characters moving to zone one at the end of each choice option, they are already moved. In fact, I just noticed all of the characters I had placed around the scene were moved to zone 1.

This is the script for them leaving after an option.

This is what the problem looks like:


I’m not really catching what is going wrong with your script so that it is playing weird in the preview. Can you PM me the full code for that scene so that I can test it in my previewer? If you’re still having the issue since I know I responded late.

Theres a error for my music it says “The music_edgyrock is already playing, you cant add another music off without somthing in between” here is my script

@zoom on 258 266 to 1665% in 0.1
@ADAN starts shoot_loop
sound gunshot
@pause for 0.2
@transition fade out white 0.2
music off

music music_edgyrock
&cut to zone 1
&CHERRY spot 0.730 208 246 AND CHERRY starts dustoff_loop
@CHERRY changes hair into Messy Back Bun
@CHERRY changes into Past
&zoom on 229 65 to 354% in 0
@pause for 0.3
&zoom on 227 327 to 354% in 4
@pause for 4.6
&CHERRY starts tinker_loop_rear
&CHERRY faces right
@pause for 1.2
@ZACK spot 0.748 -81 234 AND ZACK starts walk_neutral
&zoom on 17 324 to 281% in 0
@ZACK walks to spot 0.748 68 241 in 3.4 AND ZACK starts walk_neutral THEN ZACK starts shiftweight
@speechbubble is 210 260 to 94% with tail_top_left
ZACK (talk_neutral_hands_on_hips)
Carmen are you ready??
@speechbubble is 210 260 to 94% with tail_top_left
ZACK (talk_arms_crossed)
Where all waiting on you

&ZACK starts arms_crossed
&CHERRY start think
&CHERRY faces left
@zoom on 66 314 to 139% in 0.2
@speechbubble is 191 277 to 85% with tail_top_right
CHERRY (talk_sheepish)
Sorry about that
@speechbubble is 191 277 to 85% with tail_top_right
CHERRY (talk_shrug)
I’ll be down in a minute

&CHERRY starts idle_awkward

&ZACK starts nod_loop
&CHERRY starts idle_awkward
@pause for 1.2
&ZACK walks to spot 0.748 -56 234 in 4.2 AND ZACK starts walk_neutral
&zoom on 236 303 to 261% in 4.2

I mean I put in the option to choose between the 2 options but I don’t know how to put in the action after the choice is selected


You can either do the actions within the choice, or remember the choice and use it in an if statement.

“Food 1”{
#Food 1’s actions here.
} “Food 2”{
#Food 2’s actions here.


“Food 1”{
gain food_1
} “Food 2”{
gain food_2

if (food_1){
#Food 1’s actions here.
#Food 2’s actions here.

It was dark and gloomy outside
The world around me could sense my dread to go to school
@HARPPER is screen left AND HARPPER faces right

the bolded part is saying it is not a valid directing command!! WHY? i thought i had everything correct plz help me!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It should be:
@HARPPER stands screen left

Oh ok thanks ^.^

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hey, it’s me again I need some more help /w my coding. How do I make a character talk like the narrator? You know how the narrator bubble is… how do I make HARPPER talk in the same box as the narrator box? If that makes sense
This is an example from Melissa Lavone that is the speech bubble I’m talking about. How do I make that? (P:S thank you for helping last time!):grin:

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it’s basically:


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hey, I accidentally added a chapter to my story and it is just REALLY annoying!!! is there a way for me to delete it?:sweat_smile:

You can’t delete it, sadly, however there is an option to publish it or not-when you’re publishing/updating your story, you don’t want all the episodes visible so you just select the ones that you want to appear to others and leave the chapter you accidently created un-published. I hope this makes sense :sweat_smile:

just wondering how would I put the action in would I use @character or just eat_food?