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hey, it’s me again I need some more help /w my coding. How do I make a character talk like the narrator? You know how the narrator bubble is… how do I make HARPPER talk in the same box as the narrator box? If that makes sense
This is an example from Melissa Lavone that is the speech bubble I’m talking about. How do I make that? (P:S thank you for helping last time!):grin:


it’s basically:



hey, I accidentally added a chapter to my story and it is just REALLY annoying!!! is there a way for me to delete it?:sweat_smile:


You can’t delete it, sadly, however there is an option to publish it or not-when you’re publishing/updating your story, you don’t want all the episodes visible so you just select the ones that you want to appear to others and leave the chapter you accidently created un-published. I hope this makes sense :sweat_smile:


just wondering how would I put the action in would I use @character or just eat_food?



You would write:
@CHARACTER is eat_pizza (or whatever your eating animation may be for that choice.)


Oh ok thanks


OMG! You are a lifesaver. I have a story but need need directing it.
from the start like letting readers customise to the end. please help.
reply or instagram me at : incrediblyadorable


Is there a hand over animation for ink?



Like to give someone something? Closest would be:




Hello again i’m creating a story on the website and i need to use spot directing, but it isn’t showing up on the app. I have tried adding more episodes (It was suggested by someone else who had the same problem). However, this didn’t work. i have tried saving the story SEVERAL times, closing and reopening the app, and even shutting my phone down. I have tried everything i can think of. Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please help me!!!:smile_cat:


double check if you’re logged in to the right account. You can also direct on the website portal using web preview :slight_smile:


Hey I need my character Rosewood to run off screen. I’m not really sure how to do this. Can you help me please?


@CHARACTER exits left/right AND CHARACTER is run_animation


@ before the transition ?


Hi I have this error on my screen and I have no idea how to fix it. Please help me thanks.



I’m not sure since I can’t see it all, but is there extra brackets in the line 2409 area?

Also, the character blushing should be before the goto.


Hi, I need a bit of help with coding



Alright. What is your question?


Every time I try to make my characters fall in Limelight, they fall but don’t stay down after that. How do I make them stay down?