Directing help and tip for a beginners

This post is for people who need help with directing, or they have errors they don’t understand, or simply on advice to make your story better

You can ask me anything! Storylines, Descriptions, Help, Errors, Directing

And this post is for everyone, so help each other out.

Hi Marshia!

I’m writing my first story on Episode and at the moment just playing around with spot directing, I have my character in a certain spot looking out at the beach but I can’t seem to get the right command for the camera to follow and whenever I preview it either goes in the wrong zone or moves my character to a different position. Do you know how to fix this?

Can you copy and paste or screenshot your script?

All good I worked it out! Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I couldnt assist you so here’s a spot directing tip

If you want the character to enter or exit from a certain spot then all you have to do is make them stand in a certain on a different zone



@cut to zone 2

@CHARACTER spot X Y Z in zone 1

@CHARACTER walks to spot X Y Z in zone 2

Do your scene here

@CHARACTER walks to X Y Z in zone 3

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