Directing help asap!


How do you change your characters outfit right after they start dustoff loop? For me they dont even start doing to dustoff loop animation and they just change into it. Heres what I have:

@CALYPSO faces left

@CALYPSO starts dustoff_loop

@CALYPSO changes into CALYPSO_default

@CALYPSO starts deepbreath

She also doesnt do the deepbreath animation and she just leaves cause thats the next part.


You would use @CHARACTER is dustoff_loop


You could try doing this as well,
@CALYPSO faces left

@ CALYPSO is dustoff_loop

@ pause for 1

@ CALYPSO changes into CALYPSO_default

@ pause for 1

@ CALYPSO is deepbreath


Oh, ok ty! :grin:


Ty, as well! :slight_smile: