Directing Help! Ask Any Question :)

I myself was a struggler with Episode directing at one point, but I’ve gotten pretty good all thanks to these forums. If you have a question you need answered, feel free to ask below and I will teach you what you need to know! Ask away :wink:


I always have this error : the transition appears after it shows the scene.
@cut to zone 1
@CHARACTER stands screen center
@transition fade in black 3

That’s the way I’m always writing it and it shows the background with the character and after that it’s transitioning. I tried putting @transition before @CHARACTER but it starts transitioning and after that the character pops out. I tried putting & but with that it doesn’t even transition anymore. Or with the cutting, it transition to a zone and then cut to the zone I chose. I don’t know what to do to fix this.Please help!!

It should work, can I see your actual script ?

How do you end a bold text?

| bold | Blah blah blah | reset| Blah blah


The code looks good and I tested it out right now and it worked fine for me
The only thing I can even say looks off would be the and should be in all caps: AND
but that’s just me being persnickety.
Can you try that and see if anything happens

You know what I just thought of something, can you send me the script again but included the code above it

Nope I cant find anything wrong…

@Purple_Ghost what’d you think?


Change the @ symbols from zoom reset through Carla to an &.

It worked :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I also have a problem with overlays, should I send you the script so you’ll see what the problem is or should I try to explain it?

You can do both, either or

The overlay appears somewhere else on the screen and then it shifts and scales how I wrote there

I always use & for overlays when I’m just placing them. That way it places all at once and doesn’t move around. So that’s my piece of advice (sound familiar lol)
Change the @ to &

Thank you, I will try it!!

Hi I need help with transitions how do you transition from one scene to a next with the characters already in the scene?

It’s actually quite simple; after one scene ends, do @transition fade out black in 1. After that, change the scene (for example, EXT. CAMPUS GARDEN - DAY) and say which character you want to be already in the scene and their position, as you would if they entered while the scene was going (@CHARACTER enters from (side) to screen (position)). Then, once you’ve added all the characters you’d like, do @transition fade in black in 1.