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Someone it’s still not working. It just goes to the next scene without the characters then the scene fades in with the characters.


@CHAR1 stands screen center in zone 1
@CHAR2 stands screen right in zone 1

Let stay here all night!



& CHAR1 stands screen center in zone 1
& CHAR2 stands screen center in zone1

I Have a problem, please help me.

it’s about having a person react to something she just said, or another person just said.

 LIAM (talk_happy_smile)
Well i'm glad that you see it my way.

LIA  (idle_sad)

    LIAM (talk_happy_agree)
Now don't you think we should have some fun?

But it says that “LIA (idle_sad)” is an incorrect action, but I want her to react, please help me

@LIA is idle_sad

(This is for there to be a pause in dialogue until the CHAR has finished the behavior)

Or @LIA starts idle_sad

(This has no pause in between dialogue, the CHAR starts the behavior and the other CHAR keeps talking.)

I really appreciate it <3

Happy to help


I Have another problem, that I hope someone will help me with.

If my person is standing in screen left, and I want him to move to screen center how do I do that?

@CHAR walks to screen center

You really are a lifesaver.
Thank you so much again.


I’m gonna need some help again.

If I want to make a Character running in the same place while the background is moving.
Like in the forest.

Can somebody help?

You have to choose a looping background

And then just @CHAR is run_athletic

(That’s an INK behavior. You can choose whatever run behavior you want)

Thank you again.

You have helped me so much. Thanks

I do what I can :blue_heart:


I have a question. How can I make it where my customized character from episode 1 remains the same in episode 2 and all of the other episodes without asking the readers to customize and rename their characters all over again?

As long as you don’t change any of their features throughout Episode 1
They should remain the same throughout episode 2

Okay. I also wanted to know about how do I create flashbacks for when the MC is talking and he or she has a flashback. How would I do that?

Here’s what I do


I’m having a flashback from when I ate pizza last year!


@CHAR stands screen center AND CHAR eat_pizza

@transition fade in white 2.5

I love pizza

How do you make a characters name appear behind the NARRATOR?
as instead its saying NARRATOR but the characters name?

Hey! My name is Bobby.