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Ok, so, I’m writing my first story on Epi (yay)
But I’m having some trouble trying to figure out the right timing I should use to swich between backgrounds.
My script is like this:
And when the next background appears, it shows first without the overlay, then it shows the overlay and my characters.
can somebody help me? (don’t know if i was clear enough since I’m not a native speaker)

You have to do:
@overlay DESK POLICE opacity 1 in 0

Overlays are automatically opacity 0

Hope this helped!

ok, but what about the characters???

To make the overlay appear with the background immediately without glitch you have to write it next to the background including the shift and scale - so it will not jump.

INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT with DESK POLICE to 1 48 88 in zone 1 at layer 1

to have the character on the scene you have to use & instead of @

&CHAR stands screen center AND CHAR is idle
&CHAR2 stands screen left AND CHAR2 is (animation)

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This is not correct. she has placed overlay next to the background so it is visible from the start!
what you write is valid only if the @overlay create comand is used. Than it is true it apear invisible.

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girl, thank you soooo much :heart:

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INT. BACKGROUND with ALL OVERLAYS in zone at layer
music music_name
volume music 70 2000
&zoom on X X to Y% in 0
&YOU spot X Y Z in zone X AND YOU faces right AND YOU starts doing_animation AND YOU moves to layer X
@cut to zone X
@transition fade in black in 2

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Soooo, do you remember when you helped me back here??? could I use your help again??? I did what you said and it was perfect! but this chapter works in flashbacks, so I keep swiching between the backgrounds and that caused some sort of bug in the middle of the script :pensive:

What exactly is the problem? :wink:

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