||Directing Help: How To Flynnopily ||

Hi! In this thread I will help you with your script templates and more! Don’t be shy to ask me if you have any problems!



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hie, can you tell me how to zoom in and out… i am totally new at this coding…

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Of course I can help you!

This one is a basic zoom
If you want to zoom on the characters face

@zoom on CHARACTER to 200% in 0

So the meaning of 200% is zooming on the characters face and the 0 is for how many seconds you have to zoom


okay… and what about zooming the background. like zooming out.

are you on pc?

press directing helper on the right

and press zoom helper

press switch tool and it should say zoom and focus

so focus means you zoom it and zoom means where you zoom it obviously…
you can see below the arrow pointing right theres like a command for zooming


yeah i am on pc.

thank you so much… i will ask you again if i have any issues.

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your so helpful at doing stuff!

@Ryan @Jeremy please close this thread :slight_smile:

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