Hey! This may make very little sense so I apologise in advance. I’m new to episode directing and came across something that may or may not be solvable. Specifically, in my story a vampire performs the " biteneck_give_aggressive_rear " animation on someone, however for the layout of my scene, I need my character to face right whilst doing this, but the default is facing left. Is there any way to change this? All tips and help is very much appreciated! I have a lot to learn :blob_hearts:


Could you show us your script?

Can u plz show ur script so I can see what ur code is ?

Another thing is when using rear animations if you want them to face right you need to put left , if u want them to face left u need to have them face right .


Ahhh thank you so much!! It’s worked now! All I needed to do was direct her to face the opposite way :slight_smile: Thank you!


No problem here’s a little picture that may help a bit more in explaining . But sometimes u just have to play with stuff and hope it works lol .

Also feel free to pm if u need any more help with coding .


Thank you so much :slight_smile: You should definitely expect a message at some point haha.

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