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I am writing a vampire story. So, when i give customisation, I use the flag system to remember what mouth shape the reader chose.
Now the issue is that when I will give them customisation again in future, and they will choose a different mouth shape, will they gain flags for two mouth shape?
I read somewhere that flags cannot he ungained.

Use the point system :slight_smile:
You can create either a new character if you plan on using points for your mc later on, or you can simply add onto MC’s totals if you have no plans to use it anyways. When in mouth selection, choose numbers to correspond with the fang shapes (I believe there’s 3).

So for example…
Full heart pouty = 1
Small heart = 2
Full flat top = 3

So when in customization for lips for those, you’d do…
“Full Heart Pouty”{
@MC changes mouth into Full Heart Pouty (or with fangs, whichever you’re doing)
@MC =1
} “Small Heart”{
@MC changes mouth into Small Heart
@MC =2

And etc for other features.

If you make a new character, I’d name it something like “MOUTH”, then the process would be the same. I hope this makes sense!

You’d then later use…
if (MC =1){
@MC changes mouth into Full Heart Pouty Fangs (or however you’re doing it)
etc for the rest.

Points CAN be manipulated through the = command, so you don’t need to worry about the points messing with themselves as long as you use the same characters.

Need additional help?
Here are my guides

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Thank you so much. I will try this later. I hope this works.
I use the arrow dressing game, so I guess I have to create a duplicate tho.

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It is a very informative thread. Thank you!

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