DIRECTING HELP NEEDED! Someone is struggling with their zooms

So I’ve been writing my new story, which has a lot of zooms in it, and yeah I don’t know if this is a glitch or anything but I did everything correctly to make it zoom to a certain part and it yeah it just does this weird thing while zooming. The zooming switches to the right at first then goes back to the initial place. I thought it may have something to do with the pan of zones. Since I started in zone 1 first then moved to zone 3. So I put a @cut to zone 3 and it’s still nothing. It’s really not pleasing to watch, do you guys have any tips?

Here’s the script of the zoom
&zoom on 830 72 to 232% in 3 using easein

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Can you post a shot of that part of the script? Let’s see what we can do

if you zoom on one spot and than to another it makes this loop you are describing…as far as I know it is result of how zooms are programed and you cant avoid it fully.

this doesnt happen :

if you zoom from reset zoom
if you zoom on another spot but keep the same % (not 100% sure about this one)
if you zoom to another spot but one of the coordinates stays the same…you shift the camera verticaly or horizontaly (als not 100% sure about this)

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