Directing help needed with choices

Guys please I’m help I’m having script error because of choices and I have done everything

send a screenshot

try putting a space between the } and the next choice

as in both of the {}

Still error

the second choice needs to be on a line under the }

Please could you writer it out I don’t understand


“1” {

“2” {

“3” {


It still didn’t work

try to remove the choice and see if something still is wrong. sometimes if its choice it cant see if its wrong

also. have you added the } for the second choice

Hi I removed the Choice you were right I had some errors but I fixed them but now the script is telling me if I forget something but I added the choice back


It’s still giving me errors :sob:

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try using labels instead of choices when I once did 2 long choices it kept on giving me error though I knew I was correct so I made them to labels and it worked

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make it as

choice “1” { goto label choice_1 }
“2” { goto label choice_2}

label choice_1
(whatev happens in that choice)
goto label continue_story

label choice_2
(whatev happens in that choice)
goto label continue_story

label continue_story

a bit complicated maybe but it worked for me and it made all those errors go. I had the same prob and I opened a topic too it wasn’t helpful no one knew how to solve it I got outside help too from @CelestialMoon but it had a mistake or too but she made me open up to labels and I tried this code and it worked

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