Directing help needed


I’m trying to do a scene where four people are running on a track field, one of them bumps into another track runner, he falls down, and the other two track runners stop running and look shocked.
What keeps on happening is that when the track runner who gets bumped into falls down, instead of doing that instantly he stands there for a while then falls down. Does anybody know how to do this kind of thing right?

Here’s the code:

@zoom reset
@BGWOMAN1 spot 0.843 -61 301 and BGMAN7 spot 0.890 -68 256 and BGWOMAN3 spot 0.903 -64 204 and BGMAN3 spot 0.989 -67 122
@BGWOMAN1 moves to layer 5
@BGWOMAN1 walks to spot 0.843 360 201 and BGWOMAN1 is run_athletic and BGMAN3 walks to spot 0.989 78 126 in 4 and BGMAN3 is run_athletic and BGWOMAN3 walks to spot 0.903 127 204 in 5 and BGWOMAN3 is run_athletic and BGMAN7 walks to spot 0.890 251 258 and BGMAN7 is run_athletic
&BGMAN7 is run_fall
@BGWOMAN3 is startled_surprised and BGMAN3 is dismayed

Thanks a lot if you’re able to help!


You might want to capitalize the and to AND.
Let me know if it works!


The capitalization of ‘and’ and ‘then’ doesn’t affect anything, I tried messing with it before posting this


Maybe add &BGMAN7 is run_fall to the string of commands before and use THEN instead, usually it makes the character do the animation faster after another command


I completely read your post wrong… I thought you were looking for a script error.
If you want BGWOMAN3 and BGMAN3 to make those expressions as soon as he falls, add it to the line of animations
@BGWOMAN3 is startled_surprised AND BGMAN3 is dismayed AND BGMAN7 is run_fall
But yes, moonshinegrays is also correct if you want BGMAN7 to fall after they make the expressions, use then.

I’m pretty sure if you want BGMAN7 to fall as BGWOMAN3 and BGMAN3 make those expressions, you’d have to add it to the line of commands, using and.


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Lmfao, sorry…Let me know if it works!


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@Jadlyss @moonshinegrays Solved!
The problem was that two of the runners took a long time to get to their directed spots, so the guy who got tripped didn’t do anything in that time. Just had to make the running times of some of the track members shorter