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I am having trouble getting the scene that I want to work.
In this scene, the table is opaque until the character walks towards the table becomes lucid. This is what I have so far.


Can you please further explain how you want the scene to be and what is the problem with it?

It takes 3 seconds (because you wrote @overlay TABLE DINER opacity 1 in 3) for the table to be full opaque if that’s the problem you’re refering to. If you want it to be opaque for the very first moment write; @overlay TABLE DINER opacity 1 or @overlay TABLE DINER opacity 1 in 0

I want for the table to appear that way, what I want is as the character is walking it becomes luicd by the time the character makes it to the table. if it’s possible. I feel like I’ve seen episodes that does this before.

Try to make the timing of the character’s walking and the opacity of the table similar/the same, it will take a little trial and error

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I see :thinking:

Okay I get it! Then you should put:

&MARIAH walks to spot bla bla bla… IN 3
@overlay TABLE DINER opacity 1 IN 3

Sweet that worked thanks so much!

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Glad I could help :blush::heart:

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