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Hello, I was wondering if some one could help me with having a character walking in on a zoomed in background, I can get them small enough, but the character always goes from big (regular size) to small (the zoomed in size I set them at) instead of just staying small when they walk. If someone could help me with that please, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :grin:


Are you talking about zooms or are you talking about character scale sizes? Because the two are different.

To have a character walk and stay in the size you want them, you will need to use this command:

@CHARACTER walks to % x y in zone # in T

So if you want a character to enter/exits the scene with the size you want them to be, you will need to place your character offscreen using spot direction, then have them walk onscreen using the command above.


If you need help with zooms, check this thread out:

If you need help with scaling, check this thread out: Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

Both by @RudeInception

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So if you are talking about the fact that this problem occurs when the character is entering a scene then the solution is simple, just use spot directing. So when you scale your character down to size and figure out the postion you want them to walk to also figure out where you want them to start off. So, first scale them down and place them off screen (somewhere adjacent to the position they are gonna walk to) and place them there by using the &CHAR stands {spot directing code here}. Then have them walk to the spot while staying in the same scale. I hope you understand this, it is a bit hard to explain but if you need further help then don’t hesitate to ask me. :wink:


If you use the second link the awesome @WinterMoon05 provided for you, you’ll find tha answer to your spotting problem on the section labeled #1




The last part is my answer, thank you so much.


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