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Hello, I am trying to code a scene where the MC and her brother are walking into the school and the zoom is on her feet, then switches to his feet, and back to hers then they stop in the hall and it zooms up and out to her whole body. I hope this makes sense! Thanks, much love. ( :


You use the zoom helper and zoom onto the MC’s feet then copy that code into your script.
You’d then switch it to focus and shift it so it’s now zoomed on her brothers feet.
Copy that script into your code, however, this time add the following:
Zoom on x y z to # in in t(one second for a quick zoom on her brothers feet, you can choose the time you’d like it to take.
Then you recopy the code for the MCs zoom, using the format above (in t) - standing for time.
Now, to zoom up, you simply use the zoom tool again (the focus tool, however you can zoom in or out a little if needed, and focus the camera on her upper body ( her face maybe); basically focus the camera on where you’d like the zoom to end.
Copy the code for that in your script; again using the in t so it can pan all the way to your desired spot.
And finally, to zoom out, just use:
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in t.
Hope that made sense, of not just lmk.:white_heart:

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Thank you!! :heart:

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