Directing help/spot directing

Ok…I’m pretty good at spot directing but I’m trying to get my characters to run forward towards the house…can anyone help me?

I might be able to help (-:

do you need an example of my script?


@ROBBIE spot 0.973 113 75 in zone 2
&ROBBIE faces right
@ELIJAH spot 0.840 222 131 in zone 2
&ELIJAH is idle_arms_crossed
@cut to zone 2
@transition fade in black 4

ROBBIE (talk_arms_crossed)
I hear they’re not hear tonight.

ROBBIE (talk_arms_crossed)
We need to get in and out quick

ELIJAH (talk_arms_crossed)
Who’s house is it?

ROBBIE (talk_arms_crossed)
Some rich lawyer…

ROBBIE (talk_neutral)
Now lets go.

I want them to start running towards the house after this line…

Alright, I don’t have access to the episode script writing thing because it’s not loading so I’ll just tell you what to write and you could fill in the spot.

Ok. Thank you

@/ROBBIE walks to spot [ s ] [ x ] [ y ] in [ s ] AND ROBBIE does it while run_athletic AND ELIJAH walks to spot [ s ] [ x ] [ y ] in [ s ] AND ELIJAH does it while run_athletic

^ I put that slash there in order to avoid mentioning someone else’s name, make sure to get rid of it.

Unfortunately there’s no animation where they face backwards and run. You can either pick any run animation or walk_rear.

How do i choose the spot? it wont let me get close enough to see where they need to run to.

Try using the zooming tool first, then use the spotting tool.

Move your character around and below your previewer, there should be a spot.

Then copy those numbers into the missing spots in my template.

I got it thank you sooo much

No problem :)!