Directing help (Which I'm sure has already been addressed, I'm sorry in advance)


So, I am getting this error, when doing the if/else choice. I do have more spot directing but everything else “looks” ok. I am not to sure, though and I’ve read through the guides and I can’t seem to grasp what I’m doing wrong.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!!


It doesn’t look like you have the closing bracket around the choice name


I got excited then sad again. The if one looks like that no error message.



Soo, I added the bracket, and did a few other things, like copying and pasting what I had in the beginning of the if/else and it works. I feel really silly for stressing over this. Thank you sooo much though!!


You’re welcome! Don’t feel silly for stressing. We all do that anyway :blush:


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I wasn’t sure where to place it but thank you again!