Directing help with overlay!

I’ve been having trouble with overlays in my story. The overlay won’t appear in the scene and keeps passing over it.


I also tried :


But neither worked. I wanted to start on overlay directing but to do that I need to see my overlay.


if you use the command

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create

the overlay is actually invisible so you cant see it and it is necessary to add the opacity command too

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

If you write it next to the Background it should be visible right on so you do not need to write the opacity command.

however, it is strange that even so, you do not see it.

Do you get any error message?
Is the name of the overlay written correctly?

If no error and you are sure you have uploaded overlay with such name - are you in zone 1?
Because the overlay will appear in zone 1 the way you have written it so if you are in another zone you will not see it.

If everything from above is OK…go to the preview window and tap Directing Helper / Overlay helper

and look under the preview window if you see there the name of the overlay - if yes it registers it just migh be offscreen or something similar so you just have to move it to the screen.

I tried the opacity code but it didn’t work. The overlay is still invisible and I haven’t seen it. The problem is, it’s registered and I’m in the background INT. BLACK - NIGHT

So I’m not sure how the zones work in this background with no characters in it.

OH stupid me I didnt noticed it …the original black background from episode do not work with overlays .you have to upload your own black background to make it work.

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I’ll try that thanks.

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