Directing help!

I’m trying to figure out how to make this little tab pop up on a screen to my reader asking them: What’s your name? So that I could refer to them by their names

Try this code:
input Whats your name?|Whats your name?|DONE (NAME)

if (Name is " "){

You do need a name!


Then change the mc display name to NAME

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Thank you! So much

Np happy to help :v:

Hey! There is a error can you help me with it ( if not it’s okay )

You forgot
Input Whats your name?|Whats your name?|DONE (NAME)

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I’ll just redirect you to this guide on typed-in-choices by Dara

She explains anything you need to know about this command.


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Ohh okay! Thanks

Thank you! I will surely check it out

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hi so I have limb overlays but I don’t know how to cover my character’s original limbs with them when I make her kiss another character?

Um this isn’t the right thread for that :joy:

But you have to use layers

Sorry im new

No don’t worry it’s okay. So do you know how to change the layers of the Overlays?

Also, welcome to the forums!