Directing help!


I’m trying to figure out how to make this little tab pop up on a screen to my reader asking them: What’s your name? So that I could refer to them by their names


Try this code:
input Whats your name?|Whats your name?|DONE (NAME)

if (Name is " "){

You do need a name!


Then change the mc display name to NAME


Thank you! So much


Np happy to help :v:


Hey! There is a error can you help me with it ( if not it’s okay )


You forgot
Input Whats your name?|Whats your name?|DONE (NAME)


I’ll just redirect you to this guide on typed-in-choices by Dara

She explains anything you need to know about this command.



Ohh okay! Thanks


Thank you! I will surely check it out