Directing issues, character placements

I wrote my first story on Episode. It’s not complete and I put it on hold due to directing errors and such.
Writing the script can get a bit complicated. I tested the story when I first published it and corrected any errors I was told about but, now when I go back the characters are all over the place and I’m not understanding why. Any advice for anyone writing their first story? I kind of wish there was a way someone else could fix the directing and overlays.
Thanks so much.

If you need help feel free to send me a message or comment on my helo thread

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Thank you so much.
For some reason no matter what I do my characters are off placement and in the wrong spot. :frowning:

Can you show me an example of your script?

I’ll definitely send it in the morning.
Thanks so much

Okay❤ if i don’t repky quickly you can send me a message on instagram nb_episode_
Caise sometimes i forget to check my inbox here

I am new and this forum is confusing to me. Who can tell me how to put my story on hold asap