Directing issues :(

So I’m using Limelight and I’m having issues with the background and characters running with it.

I want to make the main run ahead and then pan to the second character call for her and run to her

I’m new to this it’s my first story so :sweat:

Send me your script


@transition fade in black 1

&ROSE ROYAL is run_athletic_neutral_loop AND ROSE ROYAL to spot 1.280 1300 0 in 6 and ROSE ROYAL faces right

@follow ROSE ROYAL to screen right in zone 3

@LUNA ECLIPSE enters from left to screen left AND LUNA ECLIPSE is run_athletic_neutral_loop

Rose! Hold on!
Rose Rae Royal!!

@zoom on ROSE ROYAL to 200% in 1


@zoom reset

That’s the first little portion I’ve been looking through youtube but it’s so confusing.

i thought the title said “Daddy issues” @dara.amarie could you possibly help?


First you have to place the characters (outside the screen for eg.) then use a command like this:
@ROSE ROYAL walks to spot 1.280 1300 0 in 6 AND ROSE ROYAL does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop

Then instead of follow command, use @pan to zone 3 in 6

I hope it helps a bit. My kid gone berserk so that’s all I can help now. :,D


How would I place them outside the screen? And it did work until Rose stopped showing up :frowning_face: Thank you still!
I’m totally new for all of this so :woman_facepalming:t2:

I usually spot my characters in zone 1 like this: @CHARACTER spot 1.280 -200 0 in zone 1 at layer # - This way you won’t see them until you don’t want them to enter.
I guess your problem is that the coordinate you specified is outside of the screen, too, and that’s why you can’t see Rose.

Here you can see that 960 is the max. value for X:

You defined X as 1300, it means Rose runs out of the screen on the right. ^^

@zoom on ROSE ROYAL to 200% in 1 - Instead of this use @zoom on X Y to 200% in 1 - For the exact coordinates use Directing Helper/Zoom helper in the Preview window. Then you can set the zoom manually and copy the coordinates to your script. (Sorry if it looks a mess, I AM a mess today, but I’d like to help. :D)

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Your good! I’m going to try this tonight, it’s like the last thing i need to figure out before i publish :smiley_cat:

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Fixed it! Thank you!!

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