Directing overlays help!

Please somebody help me because my overlays just won’t BEHAVE themselves as their always glitching whether i put: INT/EXT BACKGROUND - DAY/NIGHT with OVERLAY or i do
@overlay _____ create
@overlay _____ opacity _

I never noticed it at first because it never glitched on my laptop but when i previewed the story on my phone :triumph: :triumph:

when i say glitch i mean like the overlay is all over the place for a second then goes into place :sweat:

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You should watch Joseph Evans on youtube, he has a video about overlays maybe it can help you? :sparkling_heart:

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Can you post a screenshot of your script?

If you’re using the “@overlay OL ___” commands, make sure you use the & sign instead of the @ sign. You also need to add “in 0” at the ends of the shifts, scales, and opacity commands.

i have but my situation is still the same :sweat_smile:
thanks a lot though xx

I actually have a question, I know how to direct overlays but when I put it in a specfic place and I preview it. first I see the overlay somehwere else or really big but then in a quick flash it’s in the place I typed it in. And I have the coding right under the background and Idk if I’m doing somthing wrong or that’s normal

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You’re issue could be what I posted above. Can you post a screenshot of your script too?

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Like Idk first its in the size of the original overlay then it goes to the position I put it in

Yess that’s exactly my problem!!

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Yea so you need to use the & sign for lines 615 and 616 and add “in 0” at the end of both lines

Or you can just add the scale and shift coordinates with the background name

INT. CAFETERIA TABLE OL - DAY with INT.TABLE to 1.828 -67 -257

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Use the & sign for all of those overlay commands and add “in 0” at the end of the shifts, scales and opacity commands

Or you can delete all the overlay commands and just add the overlay to the background name

INT. MALL BASEMENT - DAY with ROPES to 0.106 34 291 in zone 1 at layer 5

Thank you sm!!

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Ohhhh Thank you!!! That was very helpful

Hi ummm hheheh, by ropes do you mean the ropes that wraps around the character?

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