Directing Reader's Character with Different Script Names

In my script, I allow readers to select from the 3 different character bases.

Currently I have 3 separate characters created to represent each base, so there are 3 separate script names between them.

I’m wondering if there’s a universal way to direct their chosen character, or if I need to code each script name separately.

[Or if there is a method that uses a singular script name?]


You could create four characters. The main one and the three bases and then code it like this:

label choose_base

@CHAR stands screen center

    What base do you want?

"Base 1"{

@CHAR becomes BASE1
goto choose_base

}"Base 2"{

@CHAR becomes BASE2
goto choose_base

}"Base 3"{

@CHAR becomes BASE3
goto choose_base

}<PREMIUM>"Choose this." {


    Are you sure this is the base you want?


goto choose_base


This way, when you are coding, you’ll only need to use the main character’s script name. You can write whatever you want in the choices/labels, I just wrote the first thing that came to mind :grimacing:


So CHAR is the MC and BASE1/2/3 are the 3 other characters right?

I had no idea you could turn a character into another character!

Thanks for the tip :grin:

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Yes! That’s correct :blush:

Definitely useful if you have customization and you want to make a duplicate or if you want the MC’s family to look like them.

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