Directing skills needing help

I wanted her to only be in the scene and visible in 1 shot which is the hospital, however now she’s in every shot and I don’t know how to keep her in the one shot only. Also, I zoomed in on her and now everything else is also zoomed in and I don’t know how to zoom out so it’s only the forest.


@zoom reset to zoom back out

NARRATOR (EDEN) instead of just EDEN for dialogue to make her offscreen

when a character talks they will automatically pop up on screen if they have not yet been added to the scene. So either you need to direct her to another zone or you can write

It’s strange isn’t it?

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To fix the zoom it’s like this:
@zoom reset

If you don’t want her to be in the forest, you should write it like this:

It’s strange isn’t it?
That a moment of your day can make you feel…
Like your life is over…
That one second can ruin everything…

Oh, thank you so much. makes more sense

Oh, just changed that ,thank you by the way would i reset the zoom before the fade black or after?

Thank you, fixed the speaking and zoom but Eden is still in the scene :frowning: And I don’t know how to get her out. I’m only trying to get her in one scene the hospital bit. But now she’s also in the scene before that.

You forgot to change line 110 to NARRATOR (EDEN) instead of EDEN.

After the fade black.

ohh, got it

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