Directing Tips, Backgrounds , overlays etc

Hey everyone! :blush: I am here to help you with some directing tips , Backgrounds and overlays if you need​:heart_eyes: Comment please if you need something I would like a lot to help you​:hugs::heart:

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Hey! I’m new here and I really want to write a story, I’m still figuring out all the codes, etc…
I was wondering how can you make

  • 2 character walking together from 1 zone to another
  • Overlays (I want to put my character behind a desk but i can’t figure out how to do it)
  • How to make the background that has people behind it, not just the main character

Thank you for your time

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Hey you :blush: I would like to help you with your questions!!!

  1. @follow CHARACTER1 AND CHARACTER2 to screen x in zone x
  2. For overlays you have to change your layer on the background (example: if you want your character be behind the deck your character must be on layer 0 and your overlay at layer 1)
    I hope it helps!!! :smile:

3)AND for your last question it has to be with spot on your backgrounds. You have to change and move your characters wherever you want!

If you need something else you can ask me again! :blush:

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Thank you so much for helping me!
I just applied those commands in my story and my story looks a lot more alive and not stiff anymore!
I have a one more question!

  • When the story switch into a new background for a new scene, how can I make the characters standing in there spot already and not walking towards the spot?

Again, Thank you so much for helping me

If you want them to stand here you can use (@CHARACTER spot x in zone x at layer x ) and if you want them to walk you can use (@CHARACTER walks to spot x in zone x at layer x) or (@CHARACTER walks to screen x in zone x)

I hope it helps😊

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It helps a lot !

  • Can you help me with sizing character, too? I want to make like a little sister and I really don’t know how to do it!

Thank you for helping me
One question, can I credit you in my story with the directing helps? Are you comfortable with that or not? Because of you that my story comes together! I’d love to credit you! :kissing_cat:

Thank you again for helping me, I read a lot of tips online but it only makes me more confuse lol…

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For your question if you want to make a little sister you have to make her spot and Move her! On spot you can Scale and Move your character. AND in that way you can make her smaller!

Of course you can create me if you want! :blush: I don’t have problem with that and I would a lot to help you! You can send me your story when it is ready! You can read mine if you want it too and tell me your opinion if you want :blush: My story name is Search for love by :heart::fire:

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I’ll read it and leave you fanmails ! :kissing_smiling_eyes:,

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When my character is walking to another zone, how can I make them walk to a spot while running ?

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Thank you this means a lot :heart_eyes::heart:

@CHARACTER walks to screen x in zone x AND CHARACTER is run_athletic (for exaple) or @CHARACTER walks to spot x in zone x AND CHARACTER is run_athletic (for exaple)


How can I make 2 character behave at the same time, like one character is talking and another is idle_something (for example) ?

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I don’t know how can they do at the same time but you can make the character do the animation before the orher character talking (example @CHARATHER is idle_awkward
CHARACTER (talk_arms_crossed)
How are you today ?

I hope it helps :blush:

Okay I’m trying it out right now, can I ask why

  • when I zoom in on my character and the speech bubble keeps appear on my character’s face? Do you know how to fix it ?

You can change the position of speech bubble and you can reset it with @speechbubble reset :blush:

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Sorry for the late reply! Thanks alot for all the tips, btw love your story
Ryan is a hottie :wink:

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I love your story!

  • How did you do the cover for your story? And the bullet marks at the beginning are super dope
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He really is I know :heart_eyes::fire:

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Yeah my small and my large cover is created by me :blush:

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What app did you use for it?

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