Directing Tips, Backgrounds , overlays etc


I use ibisPaint X AND pics art!!! :blush: If your characters are ink I can help you with your small or your large cover if you want it too :hugs::heart:


My old story (which i stopped working on) is Limelight but I’m working on a new story which is INK cause it has way more clothes :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d LOVE that, appreciate your help <3! But I’d have to finish my chapter first before i make covers… right?


Hey Sofia,

I red all of your episodes Search For Love! Loving it, by the way.

  • I wanna make a scene of 4 girls sitting (Or standing) around a circle (Like they’re playing truth or dare). You know how to do it?

Appreciate your help, Katy


You make put them in the same right spot again and you can make some of them (idle_rear) like they seem more real …
Example @CHARACTER1 spot x in zone x at layer x AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARATHER is (animation) AND CHARACTER2 spot x in zone x at layer x AND CHARACTER2 faces left AND CHARACTER2 is idle_rear

I hope it helps if you don’t understand you can send me again :blush:


Thank you for your support​:blush: If you need something else I am here :heart:


Okay okay I understand it! YASSS I can finally make that scene :slight_smile: !

You’re so good what would I do without you :slight_smile: :smiley: !


It’s my pleasure sweetie! I was happy that I finally helped you😊


hi, do you know how to make characters stand in a hallway? i want to make them different sizes and move around but i don’t know how. could you maybe help me?


Of course I can help! As I understand you can do it with spots. Examples @CHARACTER spot x in zone x at layer x

I hope it helps :blush:


I finished episode 1 on my story i use INK
But then I like Limelight more so I re-write the whole thing lol :joy:


Can someone tell me how to find all the options for transitions, I know Iris and fade, but are there more?



  • Fade in/out
  • Iris in/out
  • Shade up/down
  • Curtain in_left , out_left , in_right, out_right, in_top, out_top, in_bottom, out_bottom

That’s all the transition commands! Hope this helps :slight_smile:


thank you!


Hey Sofia! I’m doing a bar scene, how can you make someone stand behind the bar ? Thank you x


I think you have to use an overlay for that :thinking: