Directing tips for beginners


This is for all the authors who have been publishing for awhile. I’d like some directing advice. What helped you get better at directing? Any tips for new writers?


You can read the tutorial stories episode made or watch some tutorials on YouTube.


I watched the YouTube channels for sure!


Maybe mess around with the codings and all and you might get a result


I learned how to write on Episode, by watching Joseph Evan’s tutorials! I learned some stuff from the forums too!


I highly reccomend Joseph Evans tutorials on youtube. Most of them work for Limelight and Ink. You can also look stuff up on your internet browser and look at top results. Or use episode forums. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me cause id be glad to help.


I’ll keep that in mind thanks (:


Reading forum helped me as well and a lot of practicing :sweat_smile: