Directing Tips! Help please!

Can anyone help me with something? Does anyone know how they change their characters reactions so quick? (For example with flirt_fingersnap or shush animation)

Does anyone know the way???

Thanks for your time​:blush::heart:

Are asking how do you change one animation to another?

I’m asking how they change their face reaction! For example they speaking and suddenly they do the animation flirt_fingersnap so quick without a pause…

Ok gotcha, so say they are saying shh to someone you would do this;
@CHARC is shush_neutral
@pause for 1
CHARC (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
Be quiet please.

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Change the pause time for however long you want it to be

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you can try doing the animation while they talk

so something like

CHARACTER (flirt_fingersnap)
Damn dont I look good today.

thats the only way i can think of for the reaction to be doing quickly with no pause.

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I’m not sure what the commands are for ink. so if this is LL it would be.

CHAR (flirt_fingersnap)
I look good.

you don’t have to add pause for a beat.
they do the second animation right away.


@CHAR is flirt_fingersnap
@pause for 2
@CHAR is blush_shy

(in this case you can use either & or @ — just play around with it)


Ta da


Thank you all for your answers! I will try to understand how it works cause I’m confused right now :sweat_smile:

oh you meant the end of the animation lol.
reading is fundamental I tell myself this every time :joy: — hopefully my tips helped for something else though :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀


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