Direction of characters during action or moving car scene


Hey guys!

One of my scenes is my 2 characters driving in the car and talking, I have them both facing right but NO MATTER WHAT one constantly wants to face left…how can i fix this?

Secondly, One of my characters is talking and doing the (tinker_loop_rear) action but is facing the wrong way…how can I make him face the right way!


If the character is facing rear, you will need to set them to face the opposite direction you want them to face. So if you want them to face right, have them face left.


I’d need to see the code for the first issue.
As for the second, when you are coding a rear action you have to face the character the opposite way.
For example:

@CHAR faces right
@CHAR is idle_happy
@CHAR is talk_rear AND CHAR faces left
(The CHAR will still be facing right, just the way the Behavior works)


Awesome thankyou so much!!
I managed to fix the first issue :slight_smile:


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