Director looking for a writer { College Days Contest }

Hey everyone, recently Episode has announced the College days contest!
I’ve been directing/coding Episode stories for a couple years now, but my biggest struggle is writing dialogue & creating character personalities…
If any writer is interesting in partnering up, please let me know!

@SelinaTrujillo post something too ^^ she is looking for a coder :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh I have the exact opposite problem. I love writing and creating characters but am still having trouble getting a knack for coding. I can give you a few examples of what I can do if you want.
Dawn Ocana :purple_heart:

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:blush: I’ll PM you!

I can write , And I’m on ny stroy right now but the code is not that good

Have you found anyone yet or are you still looking? :relaxed:

Still looking?

i mean… i could give it a shot :thinking:

Do you do advanced directing and coding ?

Idk if you were asking me or jadlyss, but in case you were asking me then I would say I’m quite good at coding? I know how to use overlays, spot directing, zooms, gains, labels, if/elif/elses etc. I’m still in the learning process of finding creative ways to use these things though! :blush:

I’m looking for a director for my story so we can team up if you’d like?

I’m currently not looking for a partner anymore for the college days contest— As the deadline is too close to create a story in a month–Although I would love to help anyone who needs a director/ advanced coding help for their story :heart:

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