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I just published my DD contest entry today, and I wanted to create this thread for anyone who has entered or is planning on entering the 2018 Dirty Dancing Creator’s Contest. Feel free to promote your story below too, or ask others for read for reads or feedback. Let’s all just support each other and maybe check out a few of each others entries as well! :slight_smile:

Here’s my story:
Title: DD: Dancing Hearts (by Kendall K)
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Short Description: When Baby heads to NYC after graduation, she’s brought to an alleyway where people gather at night to dance. Baby’s finally having fun, so what’s the problem? Well, Baby’s strict and controlling parents have quite the bad habit of pushing her too hard. So hard, she falls right into the arms of Johnny. But maybe that’s all the two of them need in order to break free from the cages they’ve been trapped in, and just dance.
Other Info: This is my first ever Episode contest entry. It’s only three chapters long, and it’s completed. You can customize Baby and Johnny. Your choices matter and can unlock bonus scenes. There are two possible endings.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4999768473731072
Instagram: kendallwrites

If you decide to give my story a chance, thank you SO much in advance! <3 I’m looking forward to reading your entries!

Author: @CeCeWrites.Episode and @Jane_Vent
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Description: Baby has spent her life hiding in the shadows. When Johnny turns her world upside down, everything she thought she knew changes as she learns to live again.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6314351845048320

I’ve been told that there is no other plot like this in the entire contest. I think it’s safe to say this is Dirty Dancing like you’ve never seen it before. :scream: @Jane_Vent and I would be honored if you would give it a chance. :heart_eyes:
We would love to hear what you think of it if you do read it. :purple_heart:

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