Disability Representation

Can Episode PLEASE add some stuff for the disabled :sob: I’m talking better wheelchairs, walking canes, hearing aids, and MUUUCH much more. I’m trying to write a story from my experience only to realize there are no good wheelchairs… EDIT** okay there’s wheelchairs but I’d still like stuff like canes, walkers, service dogs, etc.


There is a overlay.

As for hearing aids this KIND OF mathches

They do have wheel chair overlays. Click on the art catalog/overlays then search “wheel”.

I do wish they’d give us MORE aides, and a service dog vest-- maybe in time they will.

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I looked up wheelchair and nothing came up when I wrote this :sob: my catalog must’ve glitched

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But I would love walking canes, hope we can get them!


Hi there @Kywi, if you want to make suggestions to the Episode development team, you can do so in Feature + Art Suggestions. Just make sure to check for duplicates and review the Feature Request Guidelines before posting. :smiley:

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Are you sure you were on the overlay section?

It’s true that there’s wheelchairs in the overlay section, but imo they’re pretty low effort. The wheels aren’t separate so you have to do the extra work to cut them out so you can code them to spin. The motion overlay looks a bit unnatural to me. And these are more like medical transport wheelchairs than manual wheelchairs that wheelchair users would have in order to move independently. At least in function, since there aren’t any animations for a wheelchair user pushing themselves. There’s more than one kind of wheel chair anyway.

I also wish we had cane props. This would probably be the easiest out of the mobility aids to put effort into, even though it would require new animations. Imo totally worth it.

I agree about hearing aids too. I know people use the head peice, but it actually wouldn’t be hard to create in ear hearing aids. There’s plenty of other equipment that we could have in order to represent disability with more nuance and more authentically but I wouldn’t get your hopes up, unfortunately.


Sadly, all we have are 69 overlays of pooches in purses instead.

I still don’t understand this. What purpose does it serve!? We could have gotten plus sized males and canes, which people would actually use, but wound up with DOG PURSES.